Triple Pane Replacement Windows may be Right for Bellevue

With the increasing prices for homes in Bellevue, window replacement may be on your mind and you may be wondering, “maybe I should invest in upscale finishes to match my increasing home value”. One of those things might be replacing your old drafty windows. Not only would that increase your home's value but it would match your home's worth. But what kind of window should you choose. There are many options and of course one simple option you must choose is double pane vs triple pane.

Triple pane windows reduce drafts in your home

Double pane windows, also known as double glazed windows, are distinguished by the use of two plates of glass separated by a gas filled pocket. The gas may be air or it might be a more insulating material such as argon or krypton gas. A triple glazed window adds an additional layer of glass to the mix. In doing so the window's R value goes up, conserving energy. Usually, triple pane windows are so much more expensive that they rarely pay for themselves in heat savings.

bellevue triple pane replacement windows
Bellevue triple pane reduces drafts
There are other factors to consider, especially when you are matching home features to match up with house values. Windows with a higher R value increase the amount of reflected heat coming off the windows. What that means is that even when the temperature in the house is the same, the triple paned house will feel warmer and more comfortable. In fact you could lower the home's temperature and maintain the level of comfort.

A home with higher R value windows reduce the wall surface temperature difference between the wall board and the windows. The bigger the difference, the more air movement and drafts occur. Drafts decrease your comfort and cause you to turn up the temperature. With that you pay more utility bills and you don't feel as comfortable in your own home.

Interested in seeing the difference for your home in Bellevue? Window replacement specialists at Blue Sky Glass Installation can help you make the right decision. You might qualify for PSE or PUD energy credits and even if you do not you will be helping the environment by reducing pollution and energy consumption. Blue Sky Glass Installation has all the history, expertise, licensing and insurance to do a job you will be proud of showing off. Call us!


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